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That night after dinner, Harley and I winked at one another as we said goodnight. Anita was in the bedroom before me and she had changed into a very lovely gown. She looked regal, but I wanted to play with a tiger, not a princess. Climbing into bed beside her, I began to draw out the passion I knew was simmering beneath her serene exterior. The gracious gown slid over her shoulders as easily as it had been slipped on. I kissed my way down the curves of her soft, warm body.

Anita was soon squirming under the combined assault of my hands and lips, I could feel her passion growing. I stood up and reached for her hand. Puzzled, she never-the-less allowed me to lead her up and away from the bed.....
(from Vacation Times Two, by Ben)

You are hard yourself.... the lights go off and the room is soflty lit with the street lights. You guest gets off his clothes and as a que you take yours off. He is slightly larger as his cock bounces out. You wife sighs deeply!.. She tells the both of your to stand next to each other as she inspects his cock then yours.... You have precum dripping from your cock and she licks her lips.. She has never gave you head before but now..............She reaches out and gingerly touches the strangers cock....then yours.....

What do you do now?
>>Your wife bends down to suck your guest before you....
>>She lets your guest strip her while you play with yourself


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